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Die Bau- und Tiefbau-Spezialisten der BAM Nuttall werden im Rahmen einer 100 Millionen Pfund teuren Modernisierung der Forschungsstation Rothera eine neue Werft in der Antarktis entwickeln. Die BAM Nuttall wählte die preisgekrönte Lösung von WorkMobile zur Unterstützung eines neuen Projekts in der Antarktis.

The utilities firm initially collaborated with WorkMobile on a variety of small, specialist projects within the company, and was particularly impressed with the agility of its solution, and the resultant speed of design, development and deployment of the tailored products. 

This enabled them to identify and fix operational challenges much more quickly than before and meant that the solution has been enthusiastically adopted by employees doing a variety of tasks, with an end user survey providing excellent feedback.    


Following the success of these early projects, South West Water has decided to significantly extend the use of WorkMobile’s technology throughout its organisation, to supplement and complement its core IT systems.


WorkMobile’s flexible application allows businesses to create mobile solutions relevant to the specific job in hand, including site inspections, health and safety reports, time sheets and site surveys. 


Using a mobile solution to capture this essential information reduces the risk of data being lost or incorrectly collected, enabling businesses to meet compliance requirements. The app, which allows data to be captured and analysed in real-time, can be accessed via users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Jon Newton said “After completing some initial projects with WorkMobile, we have been really impressed with the platform and are looking forward to rolling it out across the wider business network.


“The app has allowed us to quickly implement the solution across our employee devices and has aided our ability to record, save and share data from site visits. We now have a solution that allows data to be captured more accurately, meaning that we can present clear and concise reports to our clients. By rolling out the solution to additional teams across our business, more will benefit from this ease of data capture every day.”

Use Case: Building a Reactive Asset Repair Request System

Find out how South West Water used the WorkMobile non-coding toolkit to build an end-end mobile and back-office solution to manage asset repair requests from the field.


South West Water (SWW) faced the challenge of efficiently managing repair requests for their MEICA assets (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control). The existing process lacked real-time visibility, and there was a need to streamline the prioritization of repair work.

The Challenge:

SWW aimed to empower any team member to raise repair requests seamlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the process. They wanted to eliminate ambiguity around prioritisation and ensure real-time monitoring of repair requests across their extensive asset list.


The Solution:

  1. WorkMobile App Implementation:

    • Using the form builder toolkit, the mobile app provided remote teams with the ability to access their entire asset list to identify the correct piece of equipment. 

    • A dynamic set of questions then guided team members to record essential information, and the application automatically determined the priority of each request.

  2. Real-Time Monitoring with WorkMobile Portal Builder:

    • The WorkMobile Portal Builder was used to create of a web portal for real-time monitoring of inbound work requests.

    • Requests were categorised by geographical area, with dedicated monitoring teams assigned to each region.

    • Within the portal, requests underwent a review process, with options for authorisation, rejection, or placement on hold for additional information.

  3. Automated Assignment and Integration with Ellipse:

    • Authorised work requests were automatically assigned to either the Mechanical & Electrical team or the Instrumentation & Control team.

    • The Work Management System, Ellipse, was integrated to streamline the scheduling of repair work after review.



The implemented solution provided SWW with significant benefits:

  1. Real-Time Visibility:

    • SWW gained complete real-time visibility into the repair request process, enabling proactive monitoring and management.

  2. Efficient Prioritisation:

    • Ambiguity around the prioritisation of work was eliminated, thanks to the dynamic set of questions and automated priority determination.

  3. Streamlined Workflows:

    • The WorkMobile app and Portal Builder streamlined repair request workflows, making it easier for teams to report issues and for monitoring teams to manage requests effectively.

  4. Integration with Ellipse:

    • Integration with Ellipse facilitated a seamless transition from request authorisation to scheduling repair work, enhancing overall operational efficiency.




By leveraging the WorkMobile solution, SWW successfully transformed their repair request management process. The implementation not only provided real-time visibility but also enhanced collaboration among teams, ensuring that repairs were addressed promptly and with clear prioritisation. The solution exemplifies how non-coding technology can be harnessed to streamline workflows and improve operational effectiveness in utility management.

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